Baking Cup Machine Baking Method

- Jan 07, 2019-

1. Wrap the porcelain cup in the picture, put it into the baking cup mat, adjust the ejector screw to make the pressure moderate, then close the pressure handle, plug in the power, turn on the main power switch (red), the indicator light is on;

Note: The pressure should not be too large, otherwise the pressure handle will be deformed! When the picture is over the wall of the cup, the size of the cup should be cut to the same size as the wall of the cup, and it should be covered on the wall of the cup and glued with the strip if the image If it is not large enough to cover the entire wall of the cup, it should be covered with a layer of paper on the outside to avoid direct contact between the cup wall and the baking mat to prevent the surface of the porcelain cup from being scorched or indented.

2. The baking cup machine starts to heat up according to the preset temperature. When the set maximum temperature (300-310 degrees Fahrenheit) is reached, the heating is stopped and the timer starts to count;

3. The time reaches the set value (30 seconds), and the buzzer alarms;

4. Turn off the power (red), take out the baked porcelain cup, soak it in clean water for several times (must immerse in cold water to prevent the ink from spreading), take it out, and dry it.

Note: The parameters set above are the setting parameters for the first cup. If the baking cup is continuous, because the baking mat has residual temperature and is baked according to the above parameters, the image is not so clear, so the temperature and time should be increased accordingly. The specific increase is to adjust the parameters according to experience.