Parameter recommendation for heat transfer machine equipment

- Jan 07, 2019-

Single printing: The starting temperature is set to 230 ° C and the highest temperature is set to 330 ° C.

The highest temperature baking time is set to 40 seconds.

Continuous batch processing: After the first printing is completed, the initial temperature is adjusted to 325 °C.

The highest temperature setting is still 330 degrees and the highest temperature baking time is 120 seconds.

Press the ENTER button when the cup is placed.

Baking: Wipe the surface of the mug with a flannel, wrap the transfer paper around the mug, paste it with high-temperature tape, place it in the cavity of the hot cup machine, push the pressure handle, if the pressure is too large or too small, you can adjust the push For the stroke of the rod, the key operation is shown in the detailed procedure of item 3.

Note: The heating pad of the baking cup machine is not afraid of air burning, but try to avoid the cup whose baking cup height is much lower than the width of the baking cup. Also, don’t just stuff a small part of the cup into the baking cup. If you want to bake a small part of the cup, you should start the drawing on the drawing.