Market demand for thermal transfer photo frames

- Jan 07, 2019-

In terms of market demand, with the continuous development of the commodity economy, various manufacturers' departments have higher and higher requirements for the trademarks, labels and packaging of their own products. For the printing industry, the concept of printing is no longer the impression of people. Traditional paper is printed. From our daily necessities to office appliances, to products from all walks of life such as electronics, decoration, and crafts, we need more and more practical external packaging, and most of these packagings must be realized by transfer. Therefore, the transfer industry has a wide and deep market space.

Although water transfer printing is characterized by its convenient and flexible production and low cost, it will have a large advantage in the transfer industry, especially for small and fashionable products, but like electric appliances and metal aluminum, it has high temperature and image preservation time. On the higher requirements of the product, the effect that the photo frame thermal transfer can achieve is that water transfer printing can not be compared, so the photo frame thermal transfer technology will win with the advantages of low production cost, firm imaging and long storage time. Its corresponding market share, so its market prospects are still very broad, and even not lost to water transfer.