- May 05, 2019-

Sublimation ink is an indispensable material in the process of sublimation printing. We all know that good quality ink will print out the pictures more clearly, but at the same time the price is more expensive. So we have to find some way to save ink.

1. Don’t turn off the printer frequently

People always turn off the printer when they finished one printing task. When they have another printing task, you will turn on it again. Actually speaking, this action will waste you dye sublimation transfer ink, and you’d better keep on the printer if you have many tasks in a short term. Of course, if you are halting the production for long hours during the day then of course you should turn it Off.


2. Using the good sublimation transfer paper

A poor quality heat resistant transfer paper will absorb a large amount of sublimation transfer ink. So one way to save the ink during the printing process is to upgrade from a bad quality transfer paper to a premium one so that only the necessary amount of ink is absorbed into the paper.

Besides, when you use the high quality sublimation paper, you can decrease the quality of this ink appropriately, they can still work well.

3. In the event that the Quality Does Not Matter Then Use Cheap Ink

The dye sublimation ink that is ordinarily utilized as a part of the printing machines is of predominant quality and is likewise costly. So. on the off chance that the customer is requesting a shoddy administration of printing and the quality doesn't make a difference to them then no compelling reason to utilize costly ink. It would be better that you change to the ink of lower brand 
and spare the great quality ink for the customers for whom quality is critical.

Sublimation printing

4. Maintain your printer regularly

Maintain your inkjet printer regularly is the basic thing you need you. When you printer work well, it will consumes only the necessary amount of sublimation printing ink during the sublimation printing process.Or your ink will be wasted in vain.

5.Check the Driver Setting and Software of Your Printer

Although most of the drivers and software of the sublimation printing machines come with optimal settings that is used to produce good quality images or design using only the optimal amount of ink. However, this setting can be changed to the ink-saving mode so that less amount of ink is used. Do try it out and if you are satisfied with the quality produced then, you’ve just  accomplished your mission of saving ink while printing images of superior quality.

Although the effect of these methods can save a lot of ink is not very obvious, but the accumulation of less, will reduce your cost.